Aruba Waterfall Frayed Cardigan

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If you're entangled with the idea of natural pieces dedicated to any season, then get extra wrapped up in The Waterfall Cardigan. The breathable fabric drops from the shoulders into soft folds creating a clean, loose edge-to-edge finish. We applaud the artful method of a caccoon cut for the sleeves, which the length is adjustable at the pinch of a (abalone) button. Pockets on a dainty kimono is hands-down a charming appeal. Our cotton cardigan is versatile, and can be worn in a multitude of ways.

The cardigan is an informal garment that can give a lot of play to your looks.

Wear it with jean shorts for a casual look, or with dress for a date.

Our favorite look is just with a bikini to go to the beach and a stray hat. 

Fabric: Cotton