Black Striped Frayed Pants

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Black Striped Frayed Pants

It is a design that is compatible with every body, woven slowly from linen and cotton fibers. Physical and environmental damages caused by chemical dyes are prevented in this product.
This skillfully crafted garment has been woven sensitively with linen&cotton and its fabric is formed of delicately soft textures.
- This garment possesses a unique appearance due to a special dyeing process for enhanced softness.
- Variations/unevenness of colour and gradual fading are characteristic of garment dyeing. There may be some light colored spots at stitching points.

- Each garment is presented to you in a washed form in order to avoid shrinkage problems and to be used for many years in love.

With the dyeing technique preferred at the stage of coloring the threads; the amount of water consumed and the damage to the environment are minimized.

The product sent as washed; Eliminates the pulling problem.

It is standard size.
-Translucent. Light fabric. Sparse weaving. Neck and waist fastening. Open back detail.

Fabric: 60% Linen 30% Cotton 10% Viscose

Product sizes: OS

In order to use it for many years, it is recommended to wash it gently in the machine and dry it on a flat surface.