Local artisan use traditional wooden looms and natural dye-eco-friendly to create this unique block print cloth.

We produced the fabric in our factory in Babadag, pre-washed and sent to Tokat to our artisans, for wood block printing.  After hand printing, we again wash the product.  Please note that, we do not use any harmful chemicals. Made from a 70% cotton and 30% linen, accented with a lush traditional fringe.

So our products are much more durable for this reason. And the other reason is about weaving, since we are specialized in manufacturing in hand loomed old technique machines, our idle speeds of our machines are nearly 80% less than automatic machines. So our yarns are not harmed as much as produced in automactic machines ones.  After hand printing, we again wash the product.

And our production has limited, our 1 machine can only weave between 20 - 25 pcs of the product. All our blocks are made of linden tree. +/-%5 size changes must be tolerated as a result of Handloom production. 

The product has also vintage look, after every wash and absorb better, if you are going use it as towel.