Sicily Summer Dress Turquoise Hand Loomed

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Sicily summer dress is an  ruffled V-neck elegant and sophisticated for the your summer afternoons.

Ultra-light loomed cotton voile easy-breezy, casual-chic, poolside-friendly look that are simple, stylish, and won't take more than five minutes to piece together.

The gauzy Sile fabric breathes, touches the skin lightly, and is naturally hygienic.  Handloomed thin muslin cotton fabric being made since ancient times.

Fabric is washed with sea water and dried by spreading it to şile beaches.

Sile Fabric is a crimped weave bears a natural pattern with a distinctively crinkled appearance. Great for packing.

Washed in the salty Black Sea and dried on the fine sand of Sile beaches, the fabric represents the work of the Sile folk, carrying with it their indigenous identity interwoven with Sile’s sea and sand.

  • One size fits most
  • Ultra soft lightweight voile fabric
  • 100% cotton -Hand loomed fabrics made in the villages by traditional methods. 
  • Washed in the saline water of the Black Sea
  • Spread out to dry on the quartz sands of Sile beach
  • Made in Turkey
  • Model:Height-5'10.5-Bust-34-Waist-25