Top 5 Beach Day Essentials

Top 5 Beach Essentials

As Miami Beach natives, Ban de Osh is always ready for a spontaneous beach day. Given that we basically live on the beach, you can say we've mastered the art of packing a beach bag in less than 5 minutes. Of course you have your obvious culprits, such as water and SPF, but here are our top 5 non-negiotables, must haves, for any beach day.

1. Straw Bag

So yeah, you can opt for a regular, shmegular bag to go to the beach, but what are you going to do when your car or even worse apartment, is full of sand? We figured out the loophole! Use a straw or market bag. These bags encompass the beach vibe we all want to achieve, but they also do. not. collect. sand!!! A look that's also practical? We love that. Our Bali Oversized Straw Bag is my personal fave, but we also have the Bali Hand Woven Seagrass Bag or our Market Mesh Bag(available in store).

2. Hat

This one might be our fave. While we absolutely ADORE the sun, we adore our faces just as much... if not more! Direct sun exposure cause a multitude of issues long term, such as premature wrinkles, uneven skin texture, and sun spots. Because of this, you will never find us out in the sun without a hat. Pack our Frayed Edge Beach Hat(available in store) and protect your face and neck.

3. Cover Up

Cover ups are great for the simple reason that they are the happy medium between swimsuits and real clothes. You can make a quick run to the gas station or grocery store in them and once you're at the beach, you easily slip in and out of it. Our cover ups are sourced from artisans in the Mediterranean. Because of this you'll notice our cover ups have a sophisticated, fresh look to them. Click here to shop them all!

4. Turkish Towel

Where to begin with these towels?! Turkish towels are a no-brainer. These towels outperform regular terrycloth towels in every single category. Size? They're bigger. Folding capabilities? These will fold into half the size of a regular towel. Dry time? Half the time of a regular towel. They are also eco-friendly and sand free. I could go on forever about Turkish towels but... I feel like you get the point already. Anyways, we have tons of designs in these towels, as well. Check them out here!

5. Change of Clothes

After a long day in the salty water, you're going to want to rinse off and change into something dry. I always pack a clean undie and my Morocco Dress. I find our dresses more comfy after a long day in the sun. Since we like to end our beach days with a couple of drinks on the boulevard, packing an extra change allows us to go from beach to dinner in a flash while still being restaurant appropriate. If you're looking for outfits that are easy to pack, shop our dresses. Uber cute and endlessly versatile, you'll want them all.


dani from Ban De Osh <3